Bitcoin casinos

When the first virtual money, called later cryptocurrency, appeared in 2009, a rare person could suspect that it would have such a great success. The price of this crypto was small. The crypto society still discusses the story about the guy, who had a bunch of Bitcoin, and simply did not know what to do with all this stuff. Then, he gave an announcement that he wants to buy pizza for all he has. The pizza seller was found. If this seller managed to keep the coins he got for this Italian food, he would become probably the first one of the crypto millionaires.

The first Bitcoin owners, who simply forgot about their crypto and did not touch it for several years, earned so much that now, all cryptocurrency investors and traders envy them.

The idea of opening a Bitcoin casino, which can let people make more money (and faster than Bitcoin mining), appeared several years later. Casino owners understood that BTC is doomed to fantastic growth. They also got it — even if many players start winning, they will raise more money than with tradition currency, called often fiat.

These gambling sites, where the players could play for BTC and other cryptos (later) started appearing in different countries, including Green Continent. When the first Bitcoin casino in Australia appeared, it gained popularity. Players liked the idea not only to earn crypto and enter the crypto market (those, who did not do it before) but stay anonymous.

However, in 2018, NTRC, the Australian commission that regulates gambling decided to ban (still not formally) Bitcoin and Ethereum gambling for the reason of its anonymity that can cause to them some problems, including the problems with getting taxes. Nevertheless, still, people there use online casino Bitcoin advantages or register in other gambling resources that work with the players from Australia.

Bitcoin casino main advantage

In a Bitcoin casino , which is a provably fair gaming resource, you can play for BTC and win Satoshi, the smallest part of BTC virtual coin. You can accumulate these Satoshi or exchange it for fiat.

When in winter 2017, the greatest Bull Run in the history of the crypto market happened and Bitcoin really managed to go to the Moon (it reached 20 K dollars), those, who played in cryptocurrency casinos and won even the smallest sums of money, managed to earn a lot.

Just imagine the sum of a jackpot that time! For instance, you got it in BTC, and do not touch it – in a week, you realize that your profit is fantastic!

Other important casino Bitcoin pros

Therefore, the number one advantage of the best Bitcoin casino is the growth of your prize when the crypto market is growing. The other factor of choosing such sites, where you can gamble for crypto is anonymity. Here, people use it for many reasons:

  • When playing in a Bitcoin casino, you need not to provide your personal data. It is very important for players from countries where gambling is simply banned.
  • All transactions are extremely fast. You should not wait even for an hour: withdrawal takes several minutes.
  • The sum of withdrawal is not limited when you play for BTC.
  • You can use crypto to buy some good in the online stores that cooperate with the crypto casino. In real life, it is not easy to find a reliable store where BTC is accepted.
  • The fee for any transaction is so small that it cannot be even compared with the fees for the same transactions but with fiat in the casinos working with traditional currencies.

Variety of games in a BTC casino

The “average” Bitcoin casino, where you can win BTC or its “part”, called Satoshi (by the name of the creator of the first digital money, cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto), offers the same games like the traditional gaming site.

However, here, you have more advantages and an additional choice. For instance, you can find here crypto casinos where you can deal with e-sports — it is not easy to find a “classic” gaming site where you can do it. You can bet on other sports events as well. You can deal with real dealers in BTC live casino, etc.

Types of the games in a BTC casino

Here are the types of games and lotteries you can find in Bitcoin casino.

  1. Some Bitcoin casinos with a faucet have special games where, in addition to winning, you can regularly get Satoshi for using a faucet. No deposit here is required. When registering an account, a certain amount of virtual currency is issued — it can be spent on bets only.
  2. Bitcoin slot machines are very popular. There are many options here but 2 of them are chosen often:
  • Online slots that simulate machines on the principle of “one-armed bandits”. The task of a person is to stop the rotation of the reel in such a way that images coincide, for example, three “cherries” fall out.
  • Game 2048. This is a math game on a square field (4×4 squares). The point is to collect the number of 2048 from randomly falling numbers 2 and 4.
  • Sports and e-sports betting. Forecasts are accepted for all types of sporting events, including such popular games as Dota2, League of Legends, Counter Strike, etc.
  • Bitcoin lottery. There are services where you need to buy tickets for your own money, and there are those where tickets are issued for free at registration. The second option makes it possible to earn Bitcoin in a casino without investing your money.

Promotions and bonuses in crypto casinos accepting BTC

Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus is the most attractive proposition in BTC casinos. It is so popular because here you can earn crypto without investing any money in it.

After you win, you can exchange cryptocurrency for fiat or accumulate and hold it to begin a crypto trader career. Some gamblers do it successfully and change their life greatly. These bonuses can be given as cash (cryptocurrency) or free spins.

Further, you will learn about the variety of Bitcoin casino bonuses in details.

No deposit bonuses

These bonuses are given to the new players to stimulate them to open a crypto account. In this case, the newbie gets a certain number of free spins or Satoshi for registration. In some casinos, the activation code is needed. However, as BTC playing sites are considered to be anonymous, you may not be offered to do it in certain cases.


These promotions are offered in the new games traditionally. A release of a new slot can be the perfect time to offer no deposit bonuses for gamblers and the beginners.

Loyalty bonuses

These are propositions for VIP players mostly. For instance, it can be a no wager bonus, a birthday gift or a present for coming to a new level.

Deposit bonuses

They are given to a player when they replenish their already existing account.

Traditionally, you can find this bonus information on the site of Bitcoin casino in the following form: 100%, 200%, etc. It means that when you add money to your account (the minimum sum can vary), this amount “grows” for the %% that is mentioned there. Nevertheless, you should remember that all the bonuses including most promotions are wagered.

Bonus Wager in BTC casino

A wager is the number of bets that a player needs to place in order to get bonus money, i.e. play the bonus.

For example, if you received a bonus of one hundred percent of the initial payment of 100 American dollars, then you will have 200 American dollars in your account, that is, 100 of yours and 100 is a bonus.

In order to withdraw this money, you need to play a Wager. As a rule, its size depends on the size of the deposit. Let it be 20. That is, this means that in order for you to be allowed to withdraw the bonus money, you will have to place bets on their total amount, which exceeds the amount on the account 20 times.

Is it real to meet Wager requirements?

Many do not understand the meaning of this whole system and say that it is simply unreal.

However, the total amount of bets means the total amount of money that you have bet during the entire period of the game, and it does not matter in which game you bet.

For example, you bet on roulette. Let’s say you put five dollars on red, then you set another five dollars on different numbers. The total amount of bids was 10 dollars. That is, of the bonus four thousand, you have already won ten bonus dollars, and it does not matter at all whether you won this spin or lost.

Customer support

Each reliable and reputed Bitcoin casino has customer support. Some Australian gaming resources provide it 24/7.

On the other sites, where you gamble, you can get this support — an answer on your question — sending a casino a request, filling the form which is available on the site. Certain casinos leave the phone numbers on their sites. As a rule, they are toll-free.

Top 10 best Bitcoin casinos in Australia

The number of crypto casinos did not decrease during the great fall of the cryptocurrencies market in 2018. The owners of these resources, understanding the volatile nature of Bitcoin, were simply waiting for the time when the market would rise again, and the new wave of the players will register. Here are the best BTC AU casinos (some of them work with altcoins as well):

  1. Mbit;
  2. 7Bit;
  3. BetChan;
  4. PlayAmo;
  5. True Blue;
  6. Sloto Cash;
  7. Fair Go;
  8. Ignition;
  9. Mars;
  10. Joe Fortune.

The offers of the best AU Bitcoin casinos

Each Bitcoin casino in Australia wants to attract new gamblers with the most beneficial promotions, bonuses, and propositions. Here are the best of them.

  1. Mbit. You can get 5 BTC and 50 free spins on your 1st deposit;
  2. 7Bit. This Australian resource gives a 100% deposit bonus up to 1.5 BTC and 100 additional spins;
  3. BetChan. Its Welcome bonus reaches 1.5K Australian dollars and 100 spins are given for free;
  4. PlayAmo. The bonus here can reach 3K AU dollars;
  5. True Blue. With a 200% deposit bonus which can be 2K you will win more;
  6. Sloto Cash. The awesome bonus of 7777 AU dollars is activated with SLOTO1MATCH code;
  7. Fair Go. Here Welcome bonus is a thousand;
  8. Ignition. The reload bonus, which is 1.000 AU dollars, is reloaded. 2 000 is given as a Welcome bonus;
  9. Mars. This casino gives 50 additional spins and 300 AU dollars as a bonus;
  10. Joe Fortune. The welcome bonus may reach 5000 dollars of Australia.

Naturally, the bonuses can be given in BTC according to the current BTC/USD rate.

As you see, gambling in Bitcoin casino is a very exciting entertainment, which can also turn to a profitable business, that will bring you the money you will never earn anywhere, including traditional gaming recourses working with fiat.