D’Alembert’s strategy is similar to the Martingale system, but there is one significant difference – the use of an algebraic rather than a geometric progression. In the D’Alembert, the risks of losing the entirebankroll are significantly lower than in the Martingale system. All about this blackjack strategy D’Alembert’s strategy is used more often than the famous Dogon, since it is less risky. The basic rules of the system include the following items: The first bet is better to make up to a maximum of 1/20 of the bankroll. For bets, odds over 2.0 are required. D’Alembert System: 1 version Take the first bet of $ 20 and call it a unit. We’ll get: If the forecast wins, then this cycle ends, and the profit equals two “units” ($ 40). If the forecast is unsuccessful, then the next one needs to be increased by one “unit”, that is, by $ 20.…

Very often, when playing any card game, we meet the term “strategy”. It is the tactics, which the gambler uses to get the better result, not to lose at least, and if he/she is really lucky, leave a casino with a great prize. In the case of Blackjack, the strategy can really improve the player’s chances of winning, but only theoretically. For example, if you choose the right system, you can really reduce the advantage of the casino, although not so insignificantly. Labouchere Blackjack strategy is a special rarely used in a casino system that is based on the negative progression. When the gambler uses it, they act considering the results of the Hand they had before. Actually, this system works better in Roulettes, but card players do not ignore it as well. Nevertheless, this method is quite popular in Australian casinos. About Labouchere Blackjack strategy Labouchere Blackjack strategy was…

There are two widely-known categories of progressive gambling betting systems: positive and negative. Positive betting systems, in order to maximize profits, require increasing bets in certain sizes. On the contrary, negative systems, with losses, also insist on increasing the bet in order to “recover” after the fail. The Fibonacci betting system, which is in the same category as the Martingale strategy, works as a negative mathematic progression, but it is surely used in gambling. Using Fibonacci Blackjack strategy Fibonacci Blackjack strategy counting is similar to math strategy: each number in it is the sum of the numbers that go before it. For instance, this is the shortest and the simplest example of it: 0, 5, 5, 10, 15 (here, 5 is 0+5, where 10 is 5+5, and 15 is 10 plus 5). The bets when using the Fibonacci betting system are systematized according to two principles of the formation of…

Black Jack is one of the most famous casino card games. The great popularity of this game around the world is due to easy rules and a simple card counting strategy. This game is very exciting and dynamic. Rules of blackjack simple enough and study them will not be difficult. The goal of the game and the basic rules The game involves six decks of cards of 52 sheets, a total of 312 cards, from deuce to ace. The croupier leads the game using a special device where he places a large deck called Shoe or “shoe” or “shoe” in Russian. The goal of the Blackjack game is to score points as close as 21 and beat the croupier. If the sum of points is more than 21, the player immediately loses his bet. This combination is called “brute force” or “many.” Tens, Jacks, Ladies and Kings are rated at…




This card game is the most popular at all online gambling establishments of the world. It offers simple rules and interesting gameplay. You can minimize the benefits of a casino using certain game tactics.

For most realistic gameplay, we recommend playing blackjack at online casinos in the live dealer version.

How to Play Blackjack Online in Casino

There are 6 decks of cards used in this game. The player receives the cards automatically immediately after determining a bet. In the live dealer version, you will receive cards from the croupier. Each card has its own value. King, 10, Jack and Queen correspond to 10 points. Ace can be evaluated by 1 point or 11 points (at the discretion of the player). The value of the remaining cards corresponds to the numbers indicated on them.

Let’s have a look at some of the game features:

  • Card suits in Blackjack at online casinos are not taken into account.
  • Blackjack is the strongest hand in this game, which consists of two cards – Ace and 10. This combination corresponds to 21 points.
  • The game has 7 boxes for betting. You can select one or more boxes.
  • Since the game is played against the dealer, you can ignore the cards that other players have in their hands.
  • A player loses their bet if the total number of collected points exceeds 21.

Some Tips On How to Play Online Casino Blackjack Smartly to Win Real Money

If you choose online casino 6 deck blackjack, we recommend following some recommendations:

  • Set a budget for each gaming session. Use no more than 5% of the budget amount for any bet. By adhering to this rule, you can prevent your bankruptcy.
  • Use the basic strategy for the game. You can easily find current information on the Internet.
  • Do not place insurance bets if you do not have card counting skills.
  • Increase stakes for each round throughout a successful gaming session. Reduce them if you are unlucky for a long time.
  • Choose a live dealer version of the game if you want to control the gameplay fully.

Game Versions

You can find the following versions of Blackjack at online casinos:

  • Classical. In this game, a combination of 21 points is a winning one.
  • American. Unlike the European version, Blackjack is considered as a combination of 21 points collected in the first hand only.
  • Spanish. This is the most balanced option, eliminating many of the shortcomings of other versions.
  • Pontoon. The cards are dealt face up.

There are some other blackjack versions in casinos. The rules of classic blackjack and other versions can vary greatly. Therefore, you should be acquainted with the game in detail before you start betting on real money.