Black Jack is one of the most famous casino card games. The great popularity of this game around the world is due to easy rules and a simple card counting strategy.

This game is very exciting and dynamic. Rules of blackjack simple enough and study them will not be difficult.

The goal of the game and the basic rules

The game involves six decks of cards of 52 sheets, a total of 312 cards, from deuce to ace. The croupier leads the game using a special device where he places a large deck called Shoe or “shoe” or “shoe” in Russian.

The goal of the Blackjack game is to score points as close as 21 and beat the croupier. If the sum of points is more than 21, the player immediately loses his bet. This combination is called “brute force” or “many.”

Tens, Jacks, Ladies and Kings are rated at 10 points. All of these cards have the same value in the game and are called all “dozens”. Ace, at the request of the player, can be counted as 1 or 11 points. The remaining cards are considered in accordance with their face value (two – 2 points, three – 3, nine – 9 points, etc.). In the game Blackjack, the suit cards do not matter.

The Blackjack combination is an ace and a dozen. It is considered the oldest and is more important than any other cards, even if their total is 21 points.

On the standard gaming table for playing Black Jack there are seven game boxes where players place chips before the start of the distribution. Each player has the right to bet on one or several boxes. By agreement, several players can make their bets on one box, and the croupier is obliged to find out from the players who will make the decision, or is the “boxing master”. Understanding blackjack dealer rulesyou will be able to successfully play and often win this popular and exciting card game that is enjoyed by a large number of gamblers.

Each casino table in the casino has a special sign that informs players about the maximum and minimum bets. For example: $ 10- $ 200 or $ 25- $ 500. The sum of all bets on one box must not exceed the maximum set on the table in the casino.

Course of the game

Before you start handing out cards, the croupier offers players to make bets: put chips on the boxes. After all the bets have been made, the dealer starts handing out one card to the box and puts the card to himself, then strips the players one by one again. All cards are dealt openly. At the end of the hand, it turns out that there are two cards on each game box, and the croupier has one.

Now the dealer starts “serving the boxes” – working with each player in turn. For the player, the cards of other players at the table do not matter. He plays against the dealer. Two cards – this is the original combination, which can be improved by dialing additional cards, then the same set will be made to a croupier.

If the player is not satisfied with the two source cards, then he asks the dealer to open another one. Assessing the situation, the player has the right to ask for another card, etc. If the amount of points on the box is greater than 21, then the croupier immediately takes the player’s bet. This box is considered a loser.

When recruiting cards for a box, a player must remember that an ace in Blackjack can go for either 1 or 11 points. For example, a five and an ace give a total of either 6 or 16 points. If the next card is an eight, the player’s points will be 14 (but not 14 or 24). Casino blackjack rules need to pre-study and understand before starting the game.

If the amount of cards on the player’s box is higher than the dealer’s, then his bet is paid at a rate of 1: 1, if Black-Jack (Ace and ten) immediately comes into the player’s hands, then the bet is paid 1.5: 1 or 3: 2.

How to play?

If the sum of the dealer’s and player’s cards is the same, the game ends in a draw – the stakes remain in place. A draw in the international language of Blackjack is called: Push, Stand off or Stay.

When the croupier starts to draw cards to himself, he acts automatically. He is obliged to take cards until the sum of points is 17 or more. If the dealer went overboard, then he pays all the bets on the table, and if not, then the amount of his cards is compared with each game box separately.

If there was a bust on all boxes, the dealer doesn’t deal his cards. After distribution, the cards are collected and put in a special bump that is located on the gaming table to the right of the croupier. The game continues until a special plastic card comes out of the “shoe”.

When the croupier mixes the cards, before placing them in the shoe, he is obliged to cut off about a third of the deck with a special card. It turns out that about 100 cards do not participate in the game. After the release of a special card, the croupier must finish the distribution and again mix the deck or “make a shuffle”. Rules for blackjack help you successfully play this exciting game.


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