This strategy is universal, in other words, it is compatible with all other strategies, since it contains the very principle of the game of Blackjack. I recommend to study it thoroughly – the probability of yourwinnings depends on it. First, let’s understand the essence of the game: the croupier hands you 2 cards and 1 to himself.

According to the rules, he must reach at least 17 points, and this is where the basis ofthe strategy is based – you look at the first dealer card and, depending on it, decide what to do next: fold, tap, or double it altogether. Below is a table of the probability of outcomes with the original carddealer. Basic strategy blackjack allows you to play as efficiently and safely as any player.

All about this blackjack strategy

Suppose you have 16 points, and the dealer has this notorious card with the letter “A” on board. Only in 5 out of 13 cases dobor will improve your combination (2,3,4,5, T), with the remaining options you will have to go through (6,7,8,9,10, Any picture).

And it seems that in such a situation only the insane can afford to take another card, but this is not so, because the dealer has such a strong hand that the risk is simply necessary: if you refuse to receive, you lose with a probability of 76.94%, while time as risk will allow you to reduce the probability of losing up to 66.57%.

Here’s the first rule for you: “The stronger the dealer’s card, the more mathematically justified is the gain”. Basic blackjack strategy is a great way to save money when playing with bad cards.

Game features

If the player has an ace? Its presence makes the game more variable, because then the points begin to be divided into “soft” and “hard” Example: you were given Ace and 5. Thus, you have 2 possible combinations on your hands at once (6 or 16), because an ace counts as a unit or 11, depending on the player’s desire – these are “soft” points.

You say “More”, and comes 9 – now you have only one possible combination (15), because if you count an ace for 11, then you have a bust (11 + 5 + 9 = 25) – these are now “hard” points. Blackjack basic strategy card is the optimal solution for many players who want to play successfully.

Strategy effectiveness

Sometimes “soft” combinations can turn into “hard” and vice versa several times during a hand. Example: You got 2,3, from the dealer 7. You have 5 “hard” points, according to the table you get, an ace comes, and you have 16 “soft” ones;

Again, you now get in accordance with another table, an 8 comes in, and here you have the “hard” combination again – 14 points, therefore, you need to finish the first table again. Odds of winning blackjack with basic strategies are increasing significantly.


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