D’Alembert’s strategy is similar to the Martingale system, but there is one significant difference – the use of an algebraic rather than a geometric progression.

In the D’Alembert, the risks of losing the entirebankroll are significantly lower than in the Martingale system.

All about this blackjack strategy

D’Alembert’s strategy is used more often than the famous Dogon, since it is less risky. The basic rules of the system include the following items:

The first bet is better to make up to a maximum of 1/20 of the bankroll.
For bets, odds over 2.0 are required.

D’Alembert System: 1 version

Take the first bet of $ 20 and call it a unit. We’ll get:

If the forecast wins, then this cycle ends, and the profit equals two “units” ($ 40).
If the forecast is unsuccessful, then the next one needs to be increased by one “unit”, that is, by $ 20. This should be done until such time as the bet is played. After a winning forecast, the cycle ends, and the better counts the profit and starts a new cycle.

Strategy benefits

For a large number of blackjack players, the presented strategy is the best option that allows you to significantly increase the chances of winning. The D’Alembert strategy allows you to get winnings, with proper use of the proportions of the increase in rates.

If you strictly follow the rules of the system, the better will be in a stable minus after 6 rates. After each failure, the sum of the forecast for this version of the D’Alembert rises by $ 40, and at a ratio of 3.0, the winning strategy is only up to 5 bets. With higher ratios, the system will stretch more, but the chances of success will be significantly reduced.


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