There are two widely-known categories of progressive gambling betting systems: positive and negative.

Positive betting systems, in order to maximize profits, require increasing bets in certain sizes.

On the contrary, negative systems, with losses, also insist on increasing the bet in order to “recover” after the fail.

The Fibonacci betting system, which is in the same category as the Martingale strategy, works as a negative mathematic progression, but it is surely used in gambling.

Using Fibonacci Blackjack strategy

Fibonacci Blackjack strategy counting is similar to math strategy: each number in it is the sum of the numbers that go before it. For instance, this is the shortest and the simplest example of it: 0, 5, 5, 10, 15 (here, 5 is 0+5, where 10 is 5+5, and 15 is 10 plus 5).

The bets when using the Fibonacci betting system are systematized according to two principles of the formation of a mathematical progression — positive and negative. The method of negative progression is as follows: winning, the player reduces the stake, and when they fail and lose, they increase the bet.

The range of numbers is formed according to the rule, described above so that betting can in one moment return all previous losses.

Advantages of the system

The main advantage of Fibonacci Blackjack strategy is its simplicity; it also resembles the famous Martingale system. Even beginners will easily remember it.

The effectiveness of the Fibonacci system directly depends on the game you choose. At some point, the Fibonacci principle will begin to work for the player if you have not been out of the game before, having lost a bankroll.

Disadvantages of the strategy

This method, as any other one created on the basis of a negative progression, has its disadvantages because only the mathematical principle is used here. It can give a positive result at any stage of the game if all the rules are followed.

It’s necessary to use it with certain care so as not to be left without the possibility of betting.

Using the strategy when you lose

When losing, a player who decided to deal with Fibonacci Blackjack strategy must increase the bet and make it equal to the previous two ones.

For example, if the initial bet is 5 dollars, then after losing, you must bet 10. If you lose again, the bet will increase to 15 dollars, and the next amount will be equal to 25 dollars. This is the main drawback of the system — it is effective only on short segments of the game.

The reverse version of the system

Most gaming betting systems have a reverse version. If the method you use is based on the principle of raising the bet when losing, then the opposite option provides for increasing the amounts when you win.

The reverse principle of the Fibonacci Blackjack strategy playing with several decks looks like this: when winning, the bet increases by one step, and when you lose, it decreases by two steps. Many players consider Fibonacci reverses not to be profitable since in order to get substantial profit it is necessary to get several wins in a row.

Fibonacci system and various types of games

This betting principle can be used in various gambling games, but experienced players note its effectiveness in:

    • Roulette;
    • Baccarat;
    • Blackjack (Fibonacci Blackjack strategy, however, is not used too often);
    • Craps.


The system is popular due to its simplicity and the possibility of modification.

Obviously, a system based on Fibonacci numbers is not perfect and does not give a 100% guarantee for receiving a prize. After all, gambling is always a test of luck, and no matter what betting system you use.


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