Those players who gamble seriously do not bet on their luck only. They try using various methods that can increase their odds to win. The best casino players know different systems of betting — HiLo Blackjack strategy, Surrender strategy, Martingale system, etc. Among them, the betting strategy Hi-Lo is the simplest one.

Even the newbie can try it at home, so that later when gambling in a casino, they could get more chances of getting their award.

HiLo Blackjack strategy simplicity

HiLo Blackjack strategy is very simple: divides a deck of cards into 3 categories: +1, 0 and -1. Each of the cards gets its value. Ace and “pictures” get -1; neutral cards, i.e. 7, 8, and 9 get 0, and 2 – 6 get +1. The calculation of the expectation should be as follows: by the end of the deck, you must get zero.

If you have a positive value, this means that there are many large cards in the deck, and vice versa. This situation is called unbalanced. If the value is positive, you should raise the bets, since the probability of chances of winning with large cards is higher than the average.

Counting when using HiLo strategy

The card counting starts from zero, and each card that comes to the table adds, certainly, has its own value. Count this system to add or subtract a unit from the amount. You also need to keep track of how many decks remain in the dealer’s shoe. This can be done using the “real account” technique. You’d better learn to combine the values of two cards at a time, so as not to count each card separately, but only the first two cards.

Although it will seem to you easy in theory, in practice, it might turn to be more complicated. Practice at home, using the classic (usual paper) deck. Take a deck, lay out the cards on the table and start counting. If you have counted the entire deck, the “real account” should be 0. When you can count a deck using HiLo Blackjack strategy in 30-40 seconds, you are ready to move on to the next stage.

Cards values in HiLo system

Everything is simple:

  • “Pictures” and Ace are -1;
  • 1-6 in HiLo Blackjack strategy: give +1;
  • 7-9 give 0.

You may notice that the total amount of all the cards’ values is 0.

The main principles

When choosing this scheme, the gambler should take into account the following rules:

  • When receiving the next card, you need to add or subtract a unit depending on its value.
  • If the amount received after the calculation is negative, you should fold the cards.
  • If the result is positive, the bet must be increased.
  • During the game, it is necessary to keep records of all open cards.
  • Each point increases or decreases the chance of a gambler by 0.5%.

Advantages of the system

The maximum effect from the use of HiLo Blackjack strategy is observed when playing this game with one deck — it is also the advantage of the strategy. But if there are several of them, then the number of card decks must be taken as X.

Further, the sum obtained from the calculations based on the values of the card merits is designated as Y. The final sum is calculated according to the formula Y / X.

Disadvantages of HiLo strategy

Some cards may have the same value, and their number in the deck is different, therefore some errors in the calculations are possible. This is the disadvantage of the system.

You can quickly learn this system by giving yourself 1, and then 2 cards each. The main goal of the player during such training is to calculate large and small combinations of 2 cards instantly.

Thus, calculating the value of each pair of cards throughout the deck must be done in 20 seconds. The main secret of the successful usage of this system is the ability to concentrate on counting the numerical value of the distribution, not missing one of them.


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