Blackjack is almost the only one card table game in which you have a real chance to win a casino with the help of your personal skills. To win, you just need to reduce the advantage of the casino. If you know the rules on how to play Blackjack and know perfectly at least one working strategy, you will finally win.

This game can seem to you something that is too simple as your task is just to take and collect cards, counting them unless you get 21, but in reality, everything is more complicated — the more you play, the better you understand it.

How to play Blackjack and count points

It is supposed that most people, even the beginners, know how to play Blackjack even before they come to any online casino. This game is also called “21” as here, your goal is to get the maximum, 21 points.

  • An Ace is equal to 1 or 11, and everything here depends on the situation. In a Hard hand combination, an Ace gives one point, whereas in Soft hand it brings 11 points to the player.
  • Cards from 2 to 9 give the same number of points (“2” brings 2 points, “6” gives 6 points, etc.).
  • 10 and “pictures” add 10 points always (remember about it when you are learning to play Blackjack).

Natural Blackjack

In case, you wish to learn how to play Blackjack at a casino you need to find out more about natural Blackjack. It is the combination when two cards bring 21 (an Ace and 10, for example). Blackjack is also the amount of 21 points, but several cards give it. Blackjack vs. Blackjack is a draw.

However, Natural Blackjack wins against the ordinary one: this means that if the dealer has Natural Blackjack and the player has 21 with 3, 4 or even more cards, the dealer wins, and vice versa.

Betting systems

The way a player bets determines their future participation in the game. The best betting option at the beginning of the game is minimal — remember about it when you are learning how to play Blackjack to win.

The system, by which the game is able to bring maximum benefit to the gambler and will allow you to win, is based on the fact that a change in the bet depends on the outcome of the previous round. If you had a success, increase the bet, but not more than 2 times. If you failed, the bet is reduced accordingly. At the same time, only the outcome of the previous round is important.

Such a system will allow you to constantly maintain the game balance and get a good gain without great losses — it will prompt you how to play Blackjack 21.

The main strategies

Blackjack is an extremely simple game, but with its own peculiarities. The basic strategy, in principle, is simple. Blackjack how to play rule is easy:

  1. If the first two cards in the amount do not exceed 14-15 points, always take another card;
  2. When you understand that 2 cards bring you sixteen, and the dealer has 10, a picture or an Ace, take more;
  3. If the dealer’s card is small, do not take more;
  4. If two cards give 17-20, do not take more cards;
  5. When both first cards you get are Aces, always split.

Always think in perspective: losing in a single game means less than profit in a long-term gaming session. Set a specific goal (for example, to win exactly 100 USD for one session) and do not get distracted even if you encounter a series of losses: it is also important when you learn how to play Blackjack.


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