Very often, when playing any card game, we meet the term “strategy”. It is the tactics, which the gambler uses to get the better result, not to lose at least, and if he/she is really lucky, leave a casino with a great prize.

In the case of Blackjack, the strategy can really improve the player’s chances of winning, but only theoretically. For example, if you choose the right system, you can really reduce the advantage of the casino, although not so insignificantly.

Labouchere Blackjack strategy is a special rarely used in a casino system that is based on the negative progression. When the gambler uses it, they act considering the results of the Hand they had before. Actually, this system works better in Roulettes, but card players do not ignore it as well. Nevertheless, this method is quite popular in Australian casinos.

About Labouchere Blackjack strategy

Labouchere Blackjack strategy was created by Henry Labouchere — in other words, it is also called the Cancellation Blackjack system. According to this system, the player bets on the number or series of numbers, and bets the entire amount on one of the ends of this series of numbers. If this number is won, then it deletes this number from the list and goes on.

In case of loss, you need to add the amount to the end of the series of numbers. After all the numbers are won, the result will be a profit that will be equal to the sum of the original numbers.

It is very difficult to use the Labouchère system in card games. The beginners are not recommended doing it; they should better deal with the basic strategies of Blackjack.

Labouchere strategy — how does it work?

The Labouchere Blackjack strategy is no longer as risky as the Martingale or Grand Martingale. Although we should not forget that it can lead to serious losses, as well as any of the existing systems.

Using the Labouchere system, you determine in advance what profit you would like to make. You finish the game only after receiving this amount. To achieve this goal, you use a specific mathematical formula. This formula contains a sequence of numbers that add up to a certain amount of income.

Advantages of the strategy

The undoubted advantage of the Labouchere strategy is its convenience and simplicity for the experienced gamblers.

This system allows you to set easy control over bets and levels of win and loss. Of course, it is not perfect. A long-losing series will lead to an increase in bets. Therefore, it is better to use it only when you know all about the system in details.

Disadvantages of the system

The main disadvantage of the Labouchere Blackjack strategy with its initial sequence of betting is a high-risk level. If you simply imagine that you are really losing time after another time, then your bets become higher and higher. Therefore, there is a danger of losing a large amount of money very fast.

There is a good solution to this problem. When you feel that the bets have already become too expensive for your bankroll, the size of the bet can be divided into two. For instance, your previous bet was 20 dollars, and you lost. Instead of including 20 in your series of numbers, write 10 and 10. For example, you write 10 at the beginning and 10 somewhere in the middle of the series.

Nevertheless, all this stuff can seem to be too complicated for a newbie. Therefore, it is better to try it at home before gambling in a casino. Labouchere strategy works not for all, although you do not need special knowledge or mathematical skills to apply it. In any case, it is very important to monitor your bankroll and create a rate structure suitable for it. Start with small bets: it will help you to prevent heavy losses.


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