Blackjack is considered to be one of the most difficult casino games although some beginners think that it is really simple — to get 21 points. Indeed, in order to play this card table game (even if you deal with a slot in an online casino) as effectively as possible, it is necessary to put a lot of effort into it.

You need to learn how to choose to master the optimal strategy for your chosen version. Then you should be able to keep yourself in hand, to operate with bets correctly, and, perhaps, even count the cards.

In short, this is one of the most intelligent games. Professionals use various systems to leave a casino with a big prize, for instance, a Martingale strategy that implies a double increase in a bet on losses. Martingale system in Blackjack can let you win, but here you need to observe some rules and certain conditions are required as well. Read about them further.

About Martingale system in Blackjack

The Martingale system in Blackjack was invented over 200 years ago by the talented John Henry Martingale. He decided to create this method for his own casino. However, having underestimated the power of the Martingale betting system in Blackjack, he (together with his casino) went bankrupt due to the fact that some gamblers began to use their own strategy.

Blackjack betting strategy Martingale is widely used in various types of this game. The main advantage of the basic version of the strategy is long stable positive results. However, after a long time, most likely, there will be a loss of all the money.

Basic Martingale version

The Martingale system in Blackjack is one of the common progressive strategies for playing this card game. The main essence of the method involves a double increase in the bet after each loss. Its main idea is very simple: you cannot lose all the time. Finally, you will win and get what you lost. The example of this method looks as follows:

  1. You bet $1 and lose. Using the Martingale system in Blackjack, you double the bet;
  2. You bet $2 and lose again. You double this stake and lose again;
  3. You bet $4 and lose for the third time. Again, you do not give up and raise the bet;
  4. You bet $16 and win!

So, you do not lose anything, although the prize here (your advantage) is not so big.

Martingale strategy — when does it work?

As you see, the Martingale system in Blackjack, especially when you play with Wager, using bonuses, works, but you need to play for a long time to be in plus. Therefore, to get a success, you need:

  • Have a large amount of money, which will allow you to increase the bet for a long time in case of long losing series;
  • Play only in those casinos that do not set the maximum limit for bets.

If these two components are present, this system can become ruinous for any casino, otherwise, the system will be ineffective for the player. In practice, you can often meet participants who are willing to participate in long tournaments, however, the casino deliberately sets limits for bets, allowing an increase of no more than 7 times in a row, but in reality, there are not cases of much longer series.

Winning or losing?

Martingale system Blackjack odds are not low in comparison with the other systems. The chance to win a Hand in this game is over 42% when you deal with 10 hands. Sometimes players use modified Martingale system in Blackjack, increase the odds to get an award.

So, “big” players and those gamblers who have a gambling experience, win. The beginners lose often.


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