You can play card games only for fun when money is not involved. Here, you can make mistakes, as you do not lose a cent. When it comes to professional gambling, you should be cautious. You must literally calculate each step, remember all the cards involved in the game, and be brave enough to lose in the beginning to win later.

Special systems and strategies help the casino player doing it and avoid falls, and one of them is Oscar’s Grind strategy in Blackjack, which is a positive progression. Although it is not as popular as Martingale, it works, and some gamblers use it often.

What is Oscar’s Grind strategy in Blackjack

There is no unequivocal information about the personality of Oscar Grind. No one even knows if this is a real character. However, his name comes from the word “grind”, and in gambling, as, indeed, in the stakes, “grinders” are the people who play according to the principle of “little but stable.” This principle accurately describes the essence of Oscar’s Grind strategy in Blackjack.

Initially, this scheme was used by casino players. However, like most financial strategies over time, it has been adapted for sports betting. The meaning of the strategy is quite simple to understand, but you should be careful and follow its basic principles.

Sessions of games

Oscar’s Grind strategy in Blackjack “splits” the game into several sessions, where a session is a certain sequence of bets, which are made before one unit of a benefit is finally one.

However, when the gambler fails and loses, the session, as well as the bet, are repeated. When the player becomes a winner in the game circle that goes after the game with a loss, the bet grows in one unit.

In several cases, the bet is not increased, for instance, when the current bet can give a profit. In this situation, the bet can be decreased. The result should be the win of a unit.

Bet amount

Depending on the size of the bank, you need to determine the amount of fixed profit that the player wants to receive for each cycle of bets. An acceptable option is 5% of the bank. The same 5% will be the first bet in the cycle, which aims to get a 5% increase to the bank.

Experienced players advise that the initial rate should not exceed 1/12 of the banks, because such large bets can lead to a quick loss. The only requirement is that the rate coefficient should be at least 2. Of course, the more the coefficient is, the higher the profit will be, but it is worth remembering about the risks when you choose the bet and use Oscar’s Grind strategy in Blackjack.


The coefficient for bets here must be at least 2. Unlike the classic Martingale, in case of losing a bet, the size of the next bet does not increase.

On the contrary, the rate is doubled when the previous one played, but 5% of the profit has not yet been received, that is, the cycle is not closed.

Playing using the strategy

After that, you can start the game. The essence of all bets is that after each winning bet, the next bet should be twice bigger. The size of the bet after the loss must be unchanged.

The main task of the player is to win two bets in a row using such an action algorithm. After this, the circle will be completed, and the player will get a small profit.


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