Those players who gamble seriously do not bet on their luck only. They try using various methods that can increase their odds to win. The best casino players know different systems of betting — HiLo Blackjack strategy, Surrender strategy, Martingale system, etc. Among them, the betting strategy Hi-Lo is the simplest one. Even the newbie can try it at home, so that later when gambling in a casino, they could get more chances of getting their award. HiLo Blackjack strategy simplicity HiLo Blackjack strategy is very simple: divides a deck of cards into 3 categories: +1, 0 and -1. Each of the cards gets its value. Ace and “pictures” get -1; neutral cards, i.e. 7, 8, and 9 get 0, and 2 – 6 get +1. The calculation of the expectation should be as follows: by the end of the deck, you must get zero. If you have a positive…

You can play card games only for fun when money is not involved. Here, you can make mistakes, as you do not lose a cent. When it comes to professional gambling, you should be cautious. You must literally calculate each step, remember all the cards involved in the game, and be brave enough to lose in the beginning to win later. Special systems and strategies help the casino player doing it and avoid falls, and one of them is Oscar’s Grind strategy in Blackjack, which is a positive progression. Although it is not as popular as Martingale, it works, and some gamblers use it often. What is Oscar’s Grind strategy in Blackjack There is no unequivocal information about the personality of Oscar Grind. No one even knows if this is a real character. However, his name comes from the word “grind”, and in gambling, as, indeed, in the stakes, “grinders”…

Many of us are attracted to gambling, but even the players, who visit casinos often, rarely choose card games. Sometimes, they simply seem to be too complicated. However, when you start playing cards, you will understand that this is a much more exciting entertainment than slots. The number of all possible combination here is literally endless! Naturally, you should not gamble when you begin. Start with Blackjack training — find an app or an online resource where you can do it for free. It is easy to find free Blackjack training software — just do not be lazy to Google it. For example, Blackjack Apprenticeship gives this opportunity (although, it will work only for PC owners). YouTube is the greatest source of this information and hundreds of video lessons. In a word, those, who are looking for the luck, will be lucky. You will get what you want, and finally,…

Strategy 1-3-2-6 allows you to slightly increase the chances of winning in the band of luck, but it does not worsen the periods of frequent losses. Due to the difference in these factors, we will be able to getsome profit from the gameplay. Strategy features The principle of operation of the system 1-3-2-6 is very simple. The numbers in the title of the presented strategy are considered to be multipliers of the initial bet, when the bet previously made wins. It isimportant to realize and believe in the constant change of game periods. Otherwise, the system is not recommended. To start, select any game where they pay 1 to 1 relative to our bet. 1-3-2-6 blackjackbetting system great for beginners. These can be either equal odds in roulette, or bets in blackjack or in a red dog. All about this blackjack strategy you can find out by our information. Example:…




This card game is the most popular at all online gambling establishments of the world. It offers simple rules and interesting gameplay. You can minimize the benefits of a casino using certain game tactics.

For most realistic gameplay, we recommend playing blackjack at online casinos in the live dealer version.

How to Play Blackjack Online in Casino

There are 6 decks of cards used in this game. The player receives the cards automatically immediately after determining a bet. In the live dealer version, you will receive cards from the croupier. Each card has its own value. King, 10, Jack and Queen correspond to 10 points. Ace can be evaluated by 1 point or 11 points (at the discretion of the player). The value of the remaining cards corresponds to the numbers indicated on them.

Let’s have a look at some of the game features:

  • Card suits in Blackjack at online casinos are not taken into account.
  • Blackjack is the strongest hand in this game, which consists of two cards – Ace and 10. This combination corresponds to 21 points.
  • The game has 7 boxes for betting. You can select one or more boxes.
  • Since the game is played against the dealer, you can ignore the cards that other players have in their hands.
  • A player loses their bet if the total number of collected points exceeds 21.

Some Tips On How to Play Online Casino Blackjack Smartly to Win Real Money

If you choose online casino 6 deck blackjack, we recommend following some recommendations:

  • Set a budget for each gaming session. Use no more than 5% of the budget amount for any bet. By adhering to this rule, you can prevent your bankruptcy.
  • Use the basic strategy for the game. You can easily find current information on the Internet.
  • Do not place insurance bets if you do not have card counting skills.
  • Increase stakes for each round throughout a successful gaming session. Reduce them if you are unlucky for a long time.
  • Choose a live dealer version of the game if you want to control the gameplay fully.

Game Versions

You can find the following versions of Blackjack at online casinos:

  • Classical. In this game, a combination of 21 points is a winning one.
  • American. Unlike the European version, Blackjack is considered as a combination of 21 points collected in the first hand only.
  • Spanish. This is the most balanced option, eliminating many of the shortcomings of other versions.
  • Pontoon. The cards are dealt face up.

There are some other blackjack versions in casinos. The rules of classic blackjack and other versions can vary greatly. Therefore, you should be acquainted with the game in detail before you start betting on real money.