To satisfy gambling hunger, people play various games on the sites of the best casinos. Among the most popular types of gambling leisure, craps occupies a special place. This kind of casino entertainment is characterized by bright dynamics and unpredictable development. This game is chosen by people who like to throw out their emotions and express their feelings vividly. That’s why over the craps table is never quiet and peaceful, such as at a table of poker or blackjack. Craps – a game that depends equally on the luck of the player and their analytical skills, because in this game there are certain patterns that lead a person to victory. In any gambling competition, there are certain strategies of the process, following which luck will surely turn to the winner. Among the most successful and proven time and experience players options there is Fibonacci craps strategy. Here, the user is…




Craps at online casinos is an old-time gambling game. Now, no one can say the exact date of its creation. Dice have been used in backgammon, which has been known to humanity for more than two thousand years.

However, it was craps that became synonymous of game with dice.

Basic rules of craps at online casinos

The popularity of online casino craps is due to the high chances of winning compared to blackjack and other gambling games. This game has fairly simple rules, so you can learn it quickly enough.

Online craps is a gaming application in which a random number generator determines the outcome of each game round. The player bets on the winning combination and after the start of the game round, two dice hit the side of the virtual game table. When the dices stop moving, you can see the resulting numbers:

  • 7 or 11 means you won. In this case, you can run the dice again.
  • 2, 3 or 12 means your instant loss.
  • 4 or 9 put the game into the ‘Point’ stage. You can choose a number in range from 2 to 12 and throw the dice until the moment the desired combination is obtained. If you see 7, you lose.

You can choose one of four available rates with x1 multiplier or take a chance and put on the number 2 (in this case, the x30 multiplier is used). The combination of the usual rates and additional ones (odds) is the best option.

We recommend familiarizing yourself with the rules of craps at online casinos. Starters can choose free online craps to get practice skills.

Some tips for online casino craps

  • Run the game in demo mode or use bonus money if you are new to craps.
  • Determine the limits for winning and losing. If you lose too much, we recommend giving up attempts to win. You might be lucky later.
  • Choose only honest and reliable online casinos. Learn about the range of bets accepted in chosen game.
  • Use Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come and Don’t Come lines to minimize casino benefits.
  • Try to place risky bets, as well as Field and Place bets are quite rare, so as not to lose all your money.

You can find descriptions of many strategies for the game on the Internet. However, while playing carps at online casinos, you should not rely just on strategies, because they do not guarantee a 100% result.

Versions of the game

Online casinos usually offer the classic craps. There are several versions with a small number of differences between them (betting ranges, payout multipliers, gaming table sizes and other minor aspects).

Craps has a fun gameplay. This distinguishes it from other games, such as baccarat or poker. Software makers were able to convey the atmosphere of fun and excitement. You will get the best experience playing craps at online casinos.