Craps is extremely popular game all over the world. Gamblers prefer to play it for hours. The excitement of the game, like a wave of adrenaline, covers users with their heads and allows them not only to enjoy the process, but also gives a good chance to earn money when winning.

This game has a very fast rhythm. Players during the game at the table experience incomparable emotions and courage. Many of them choose the version of the game in real virtual clubs, because it is the only way you can hear how hot the other players at the table are becoming. For those gamers who can not afford to play in a real casino, there are many virtual platforms for betting craps.

What you should not do in craps

Today in the world of the gaming industry, craps is gaining popularity. Users with good experience advise beginners unique craps betting strategy that will help and bring victory in craps. But, along with the strategies that bring a person closer to victory, today we can distinguish several anti-strategies that are better not to follow, because they will not lead a person to victory.

Among “do not” craps strategy newcomers need to know a few of the varieties that they need to consider when playing virtual craps:

  • Try not to bet on Lay. Because when you do this, you assume that the seven will fall before 4, 6, 8, 9, or 10, indicating one particular number. It is better to refuse such a bet, at least for the reason that in case of winning you will be charged a commission. Many players are very fond of betting. If you are also one of them, then decide how you can reduce the commission.
  • Refuse to bet on the Buy. If you win these bets, they will also be charged a five percent commission. Although the advantage for the casino in it is much lower than in the rates, it is better to abandon them. If you really want to make the game diverse, then bet only on 4 to 7 or 10 to 7.
  • Betting on the Field is one more “do not” craps strategy. The advantage of the casino here is not as great as in the cases discussed above, but in this game, you will be risking your money very much, because the game continues only for one roll of the dice on the table.

Try to put money on multiples of the amount in place. This is necessary in order not to give the casino odds to round the winnings not in your favor. Thus, betting craps amounts are multiples of five by 4, 5, 9 and 10 (payouts of 9:5 and 7:5) and multiples of six by 6 and 8 (payouts of 7:6). If you do not, you may not receive the full amount of winnings. However, there is a good advice for all players to bet only on such numbers as 6 and 8, because the advantage of the casino in this bet is only about 1.5%.

Here are a few simple tips, following which, this game becoming lucky even for a beginner. But remember, that in addition to knowledge of such craps betting system in this game luck and patience of the player who will not give up after the first loss is very important, and will continue to move forward to the desired victory. For the novice user is best to choose a separate aspect of the game in craps and they must work out their best skills.


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