Live casino

Today, playing with a live person is the very first and most important difference between live casino online games and traditional gaming website. Here, you will not meet random number generators, other programs, or records — playing with a live person is the main feature of such a gaming resource.

On the other side of the monitor, in most cases, you see cute girls who, despite all their charm, are experienced dealers as in a real establishment, a land casino. They will support the conversation, answer the questions posed and easily carry out even the most difficult distributions.

On large services, it is possible to choose one person from several dealers or watch videos from different angles. It turns out the effect of presence at the table, which allows you to see all the actions of the dealer.

When you choose live dealer online casino games like Poker or Baccarat, for instance, the opportunity to communicate with the dealer and other fans of excitement is realized. Each player has the chance to give their own comments, express opinions or even flirt with the dealer in a live chat. In short, a live casino for you is not only an opportunity to win money but also the option to enjoy a pleasant company you need.

The advantages of playing live dealer online casino games

In comparison with real gaming establishments, the site where you can pick this type of games allows you to deal with many players at a time. You can also pick the dealer you like, a girl or a man — it depends only on your likes and preferences. All their actions take place before your eyes, which prevents the possibility of deception and, as a result, frequent losses.

Live dealers are not interested in losing, but only help to place bets and adorn the process of the game with their presence. If the girl dealer does not allow focusing and analyzing everything that happens, you can choose a man as a dealer.

Features and benefits of AU live casinos

This type of games is gaining popularity among Australian players. Its main features seem to them very attractive and beneficial. Gaming on such a site, you get:

  • A functional and convenient site (lovers of excitement can enjoy their favorite games that do not hang and work as correctly as possible).
  • A great choice of live dealer online casino games (there are several varieties of online Roulette, Poker, Lotto and other common games).
  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal options (popular e-wallets, different credit cards, bank checks, and other payment systems).
  • Promotions and bonuses (There are numerous rewards for active players, for instance).
  • Stable support service (support works 24/7).
  • Picking live casino in Australia, you can be sure that everything here will be honest, transparent and fair.

Transparency and honesty — the main features of live casino games

The indisputable and one of the most important advantages of online casinos with real dealers is a guarantee of a fair play.

Traditionally, many gambling fans are in no hurry to register at online casinos because they consider the computer system for generating random numbers to be a hoax against players. In a live dealer casino, any manipulation is excluded.

Finally, each player can easily verify the absence of cheating and the integrity of the game. It is enough to ask the dealer to wave their hand to the camera or make another gesture, and there will be no doubt about the honesty of the casino.

How to start playing there?

To start and win in live dealer online casino games, you should follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the site with a live dealer, specifying personal and billing information;
  2. Make the first deposit using electronic payment systems or bank cards;
  3. Go to the section “Casinos with live dealers”;
  4. Select the appropriate game, for example, live dealer Blackjack, and place a bet;
  5. The winnings can be withdrawn from the system in the same ways as to replenish the account.

Communication — is it possible?

The dealer voices their actions, the stakes of the players, as well as the results of spins or hands. To contact the dealer there is a chat. Talking through your microphone directly will not work. Chat can be common for you and other players at the table. Insulting and obscenely behaving with the dealer and other players is not allowed. You can ask about the rules and tactics of the game.

It is also allowed to communicate on abstract topics. Recently, even the star dealers have appeared in these casinos. They are recognizable and highly professional.

Varieties of live games and their strategies

The traditional “set” of these games includes such casino games as:

  • Blackjack (variants);
  • Roulette;
  • Baccarat;
  • Poker (variants);
  • Wheel of Fortune (variants).

You can choose any of these options to your taste and enjoy a realistic game at any time of the day and in any place. The main thing is software support and Internet access. You can use strategies and count cards, and consider human factors. You should take into account that the other side is not a machine but a person, which means that theoretically, they get tired, make mistakes, repeat something, and this can be useful to attentive players.

Live Roulette

Live money roulette allows a beginner to start with a small bet. There are such game options as European, American and some others. The variety of this game lets each player pick the entertainment to their taste. People with different levels of experience can play it.

Live Blackjack

It is one of the most popular live dealer online casino games among gamblers. Blackjack is characterized by a variety of rules. These rules are simple, and the gain lies in the fact that you need to get more points than the dealer, but no more than 21.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat can be considered the first of all online live casino games. The goal here is to guess and bet on a position (player or dealer), in which the sum of points will be closer to 9. This game also has different options. Bets here can vary.

Usually, this type of table live game is not recommended for beginners.

Live Poker

Webcams in live casino online prevent any fraud. Anyone who has ever played online Poker live dealer online casino games knows that this is not so difficult. You just need to know the rules and combinations.

In the live casino mode, the cards are dealt by a real dealer, and not by a program, which becomes another advantage, a reason for the trust of users. Today, variants of Poker exist, and experienced gamblers know which of them they can pick to be in a better position than a dealer.

Wheel of Fortune

For live casino, it is a kind of unique product. The Wheel of Fortune is bright and realistic. As in other games, communication is conducted with a live dealer — a pretty girl who explains the rules and helps to bet. Winning depends only on chance and luck.

In conclusion

Live casino games are gaining popularity. Players like chatting with real dealers at a gaming club. More and more mobile applications are being installed on Apple/Android devices as well. The software, as a rule, perfectly works there. The developers are constantly improving and modernizing the software to make the gambling process more attractive to users. It is not necessary to sit at home at the computer when you feel like gambling — do it on your tablet or a smartphone.

If a player prefers a fast-paced game, then live dealer online casino games can make them bored. Yes, individual gambling houses accelerate the process by reducing the time for a bet, but in any case, it is a game implicated in the actions of a live dealer. Keep this in mind before moving to the live games section.

Summing up, the game with a real person who works as a dealer will certainly appeal to experienced players who have years of playing in an online casino, and beginners who want to improve their skills and gain experience.