It is almost impossible to find any gaming resource without online Roulette table game where people can win really much. Roulette has existed for several centuries, and over time the number of its fans only increases. Historically, different nationalities formed their own types of entertainment, which were used in local casinos. Nevertheless, today, casinos have combined all types of Roulettes. They even added new ones. Now, the knowledge of Roulette table payouts that can be learned before you start playing can let you pick the type of this game with the better odds and layout. Varieties of Roulette There are 3 general variations of online Roulette table game: European, American (it differs with the presence of Double Zero) and French (with one Zero and the En Prison rule). With the development of gambling, additional versions of Roulette table online games have appeared. Sometimes they have very curious rules. European Roulette…

Stats state that Roulette odds depend not only on the sector you placed a bet on but the types of this table as well. Here, the casino’s profit is guaranteed by the Zero section (in some Australian and American casinos 00 or Double Zero is used). The wheel, or “spinner,” is divided into 37 cells, 36 of which contain numbers from 1 to 36, and the last one contains Zero (there are 38 cells in the USA, and in some Green Continent gambling institutions). You can bet on specific numbers or groups of numbers or on “equal chances”: black-red and even-odd. The profit on numbers falling is much higher than when guessing color or parity. If there were no Zero sectors, the probability of winning for a player who chose, for example, black, would be 18/36, or 50%, but due to the existence of one more cell, it is reduced…

Charles Guetting is the author of this strategy. You can use this method for equiprobable bets (even/odd, big/small, and similar). This is a fairly simple and effective strategy for playing roulette. Strategy features You have to divide the gaming session into four levels with different stakes: The first level with the only bet of $ 2. The second level with three bets (3, 4 and 6 dollars). The third level: 8, 12 and 16 dollars. Fourth level: 20, 30 and 40 dollars. Go to the second level, if both first bets brought a win. Then increase the bet amount (from 3 to 4 dollars and so on) each time if the current rate has brought two wins in a row. In case of loss, place the minimum bet of the previous level. You should be careful when using the Guetting’s strategy, since you have to keep a lot of numbers…

You can be a novice in the world of roulette or an old player who has ceased to be lucky, in any case, sooner or later you will need to know the basic strategy of roulette. You may have already tried strategies based on mathematical calculations. Many of them do not work in practice. We offer to get acquainted with a reliable system that will protect your bankroll from unnecessary expenses. Protect Yourself from Senseless Paid Strategies There are a huge number of books containing descriptions of various strategies. However, you should understand that they do not guarantee 100% success and do not always work, since the real effect can be seen during long gaming sessions. Therefore, we do not recommend spending a lot of money on purchasing information that you can easily find on the Internet. Martingale Basic Strategy If you see a successful player at the table, they…




Roulette is an old popular table gamble, and it is often played by gamblers at online casinos. This is a great alternative to slot machines (pokies).

The demand for the online version is due to simple rules of the game, the ability to play at any time, a wide range of bets range and the opportunity to win big money.

Tips On How to Play Roulette at Online Casinos

Choosing a Roulette you will see a wheel divided into 38 sections. Your task is to guess the number of the section in which the ball will place after the wheel rotation is stopped. You can bet on multiple sectors at a time. All bets are divided into internal and external. You can read more about this in the Game Rules section (keep in mind the fact that the number of sectors may be different in some versions of Roulette).

Let’s take a look at one of the popular game strategies using the following example:

  • You choose the red sector for the bet and risk $ 1. The result of the rotation was unsuccessful.
  • You bet on red again, increasing the stake to $ 2, and lose again.
  • You choose the red sector for the bet and spend $ 4. Most likely, you will fail again. However, do not give up now!
  • Double your bet again and risk $ 8 by choosing red. Now, you will win, having won back the previous losses and earned 1 dollar.

The algorithm described above is a special case of the Martingale strategy. It really works and helps you to win!

If you want even more realistic gameplay, we recommend choosing live dealer Roulette at online casinos. You can watch the gaming process in real time thanks to several cameras broadcasting a video stream directly from the casino studio.

How to Increase Chances to Win

Try to follow the next guidelines when you play casino Roulette online free or for real money (especially):

  • Choose a table with acceptable betting limits according to your budget.
  • If you have won a large amount, we recommend that you end the gaming session right now.
  • Choose European Roulette if you are going to play a table game for the first time.
  • Do not select numbers in multiples of 5 for betting in order to minimize the house edge.

Versions of Online Casino Roulette

Many online gambling establishments offer a choice of several versions of the popular table game:

  • American. The key feature of this version is the presence of a double zero. In some cases, the Surrender rule is effective. It allows you to return half stake when the ball hits 0 or 00 sectors.
  • French. If the ball stops in the zero section, your bet will be transferred to the next game round.
  • European. This is the most common version of Roulette with the most simple rules. In some casinos, you can return 50% of the stake if the ball hits the zero section.

As you can see, Roulette at online casinos can be your best choice for an interesting pastime and profit. Perhaps you are afraid of complex rules. However, everything is much simpler than it seems at first glance.