Roulette is one of the oldest casino games and many gamblers continue to choose it for entertainment. Online casinos have breathed new life into this game, presenting an electronic counterpart, and then a live version.

Now, everyone can choose a casino site, go to the roulette section, select the appropriate version and enjoy the gaming process. This gambling entertainment is available even for users of mobile devices. However, first of all, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of roulette.

The Main Goal and Some Features of the Gameplay

Playing this game, you will see a spinning wheel divided into sectors. A ball is thrown at this wheel, which eventually – after stopping the wheel rotation – falls into a ‘trap’. This ‘trap’ is one of the sectors, each of which has its own number.

What can players do? The following actions are available to you:

  • Try to guess the number of the sector in which the ball will be at the end of the wheel rotation. This is pure luck, and this roulette is similar to online slots.
  • Select multiple sectors for the bet. This approach may increase the chances of winning.
  • Choose different betting characteristics. For example, you can try to guess the color of a sector (black, red), the property of a number (even or odd number), the characteristic of numerical squares (large/small).

Choosing a bet option with the right odds determines the maximum possible winnings. You can place multiple bets in the game round. Also, roulette basic rules allow combining different types of bets. The maximum bet is limited by the amount allowed at a particular gaming table.

Despite the fact that the gameplay of online roulette and Live version is almost identical, let’s consider the features of the game from the Live section.

Live Casino Roulette Rules & Features

What is the difference between online and live versions of roulette?

In the first game, the outcome of each game round is determined by the random number generator, while in the second game everything is determined by physics (the behavior of the ball on a rotating wheel).

Of course, Live Roulette is also a game for luck. You can also find European, American and other versions of this game at Live Casino section. Knowing the roulette basic rules, you can play any version of this popular game.

Some Roulette Table Rules and Features

You will play against the croupier (virtual dealer, if you choose the online version). Corresponding to roulette basic rules, the dealer performs the following work:

  • Makes money exchange for betting chips.
  • Starts the rotation of the wheel, throws the ball. When playing the online version, you will notice that these actions are performed automatically. If you want more realism, choose Live Roulette.
  • Announces winning numbers and performs payout (or payouts).

You can use different types of bets: 10 (European) and 11 (American). Each of these rates covers a certain range of numbers and is paid differently. You can also choose between internal bets (within the boundaries of the playing table) and external bets (to the corresponding fields at the edges of the game table).

Gaming Reel

The inner part of the wheel is shaped like a bowl. It has a diameter of about 90 cm and a mass of about 40 kg. Of course, the virtual analog has no physical properties, because of that other principles are involved there. However, this does not affect the integrity of the final results.

The game wheel may have small differences depending on the version of the game. For example, you will see 38 numbers on the wheel of American Roulette (1-36, Zero and Double Zero). The wheel of the European version contains 37 numbers (Double Zero is absent). The French Roulette wheel corresponds to that used in the European version, but the rules of the game are slightly different.


To be successful, you should learn the roulette basic rules for each version (we recommend choosing European to begin with if you are a beginner), become familiar with the basic strategies of the game, and also learn how to manage your bankroll wisely.


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