American Roulette is an exciting game with fairly simple rules. If you played in a gambling establishment, you will not have difficulties with the online version of this game.

To guess the sector in which the ball stops is still your main task.

American Roulette Wheel

The wheel is divided into 38 sectors, among which 18 are red, another 18 are black, the rest are Zero and Double Zero.

Features of numbers the location on the wheel:

  • The alternation of red and black sectors.
  • Red sectors opposite black ones.
  • Two even numbers are located behind two odd numbers.

You will see three columns with 1-36 numbers in the center of the American Roulette table. The colors of the numbered sectors on the table coincide with the colors of the sectors with the same numbers on the wheel.


You can place the following bets:

  • On the first, second and third dozen (sectors on the left side of the playing field);
  • Bets on equal probability of winning/losing;
  • Bets on Zero/Double Zero (most risky);
  • Column betting.

General Rules

After pressing the “Start” button, the wheel will start to rotate. When the ball stops at any sector, you can see the number. It will be recorded in the table.

The presence of “00” increases the casino’s advantage, so a ‘double prison’ rule was introduced. It allows the player to return at least half of their bet.

You can place internal and external bets. The first ones offer low chances of winning, but large payout multipliers. By placing external bets, you will win more often, but the amounts received will not be so impressive.

Every newcomer should be familiar with the strategies of the game (Martingale, Fibonacci and others) to be successful. Perhaps, you should start with a free demo version to understand the rules of the game.


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