AMS strategy is a betting system with a simple distribution scheme: 1-1-2-2-4. You can easily master this strategy and test it in a free demo mode.

Basic Principles

Your task is to gradually increase the amount of the stake. Use the following algorithm:

  • First step – place a bet of 1 coin and wait for the result.
  • Second step – If you win, then bet 1 coin again.
  • Third step – You probably won again. In this case, double the size of the stake.
  • Fourth step – Place bet of 2 coins again if the previous game round brought you victory.
  • Fifth step – Double the stake (up to 4 coins) if the previous round was victorious too.
  • Sixth step – In case of another victory, your next bet will be 4 coins again.

What if the Winning Streak is Over?

Of course, you can’t be lucky for too long. You should change the strategy if there was a loss.

Let’s consider the possible options for further bets:

  • If the loss occurred at the last stage, return to the bet from the third step.
  • Do the same if the loss occurred in the fifth or fourth step.
  • Go back to the first step if you failed in the second or third step.

AMS Loss Strategy

You may encounter a series of losses. Do not be discouraged and use the following algorithm:

  • Start with a bet of 1 coin.
  • If you lose, place bet of 1 coin again.
  • Despite the loss, increase the stake amount up to 2 coins.
  • Bet 2 coins again.
  • Increase the bet to 4 coins and wait for the result. Next Increasing is not necessary. If the 4-coin bet did not bring victory, return to the first instruction of this algorithm.

As you can see, you should be attentive and patient. The AMS strategy really works. However, you will be able to appreciate its benefits throughout long gaming sessions only.

We want to remind you that there are no strategies for roulette, which guarantee a 100% result.


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