Strategy features

This strategy creator recommends defining one or several points for bets and sticking to them throughout the game session. In fact, you have to overcome the theory of probability laws, which often happens in practice while playing roulette. This means that you will expect some numbers to fall out more often than others.

How to choose the most often drop-down numbers? You have to play a few rounds at random to remember the numbers appeared more often than others. To obtain reliable data, analyze the previous 111 moves. You should select the numbers that fell 3 or more times.

Expected outcomes according to Biarritz strategy

If you use this strategy, the following may happen:

  • You will win back all the losses on the 36th spin and make a profit.
  • Early receipt of a large amount of winnings (in advance before the 36th rotation). Such an outcome means that you have a chance to get even more money.
  • The 36th spin did not bring a win. In this case, you have a chance to win back the losses using the Martingale strategy.


Use this strategy if you are targeting a long gaming session. You must be cool and patient. The probability of a positive outcome is about 50%, and this is a fairly high figure. We recommend making small bets if you are newbie to roulette.


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