It is almost impossible to find any gaming resource without online Roulette table game where people can win really much. Roulette has existed for several centuries, and over time the number of its fans only increases. Historically, different nationalities formed their own types of entertainment, which were used in local casinos.

Nevertheless, today, casinos have combined all types of Roulettes. They even added new ones. Now, the knowledge of Roulette table payouts that can be learned before you start playing can let you pick the type of this game with the better odds and layout.

Varieties of Roulette

There are 3 general variations of online Roulette table game: European, American (it differs with the presence of Double Zero) and French (with one Zero and the En Prison rule).

With the development of gambling, additional versions of Roulette table online games have appeared. Sometimes they have very curious rules.

European Roulette

This type of game is also called Single Zero Roulette. Besides the standard field, players can use additional ones for placing bets. The probability of winning here is slightly higher, so it’s better to play it.

Some gaming services have a rule — if the ball falls on Zero, the bets are saved and the players do not lose anything. If after the Zero the player’s number drops out, they get their bet without any multiplication.

French Roulette

In general terms, this online Roulette table game is very similar to the European type — it has one Zero, the numbers from 1 to 36 and the same payout.

The main differences are in the way how the Roulette looks itself (special marking of the table with the same color and French names for all numbers) and the presence of the En Prison rule. This rule implies the return to players of half of the bets on equal chances, when they lose after the ball “chose” Zero. However, it works for the gamblers who did not bet on Zero.

Bets in French Roulette

French online Roulette table game has some differences in bets. You can bet on:

    • 17 numbers surrounding Zero;
    • 12 numbers opposite Zero — often chosen bet in this online Roulette table game;
    • 8 numbers left over from previous ones;
    • All numbers with the same last number (for example, 2-12-22-32);
    • All numbers where 2 numbers are found (2-5-12-15-22-25-32-35).

American Roulette

By adding one more sector (00), the casino gets more chances to win. The peculiarity of American roulette is that players use chips of different colors (for convenience).

The rules of American online Roulette table game are slightly different. The numbers of the sectors are 38 (Double Zero is added). The sectors for betting are not the same as in Europe. The bets for dozens are near the columns, for example, and above the columns, there are Zero and Double Zero sectors. You can bet on numbers in columns at the bottom.

Mini Roulette

There are only thirteen numbers here — from 0 to 12.

Accordingly, Roulette table odds and payments are made on non-standard coefficients.

Roulette without zero

It looks like a European Roulette, but there is no “0” number on the track.

The game is unique in that it does not have the advantage of a casino. The casino takes a fixed commission from the player.

Pinball Roulette

It is a unique version of the online Roulette table game, notable for the fact that there is no wheel in it at all — it can be played even with a live dealer.

The ball jumps over obstacles resembling a pinball field and falls into a number that becomes winning.

3 Wheel Roulette

Here, 3 independent wheels rotating around one axis are presented.

Here, you bet using 3 chips, and each spin gives 3 winning numbers.


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