Those players, who play table games in an online casino, know that it is quite simple to calculate Roulette payout for a number of factors.

Firstly, almost all betting options are distinguished by the same indicator of expected benefits, and this greatly simplifies the calculation.

Secondly, Roulette itself is a very simple game: one bet — one round — two probable outcomes (loss/gain).

In order to calculate online Roulette payouts, it is important to know only four indicators: the possibility of winning the bet, the amount you get after winning, the possibility of losing the bet and, accordingly, the amount you lose in this case.

Calculating your Roulette payout

The procedure for calculating the expected payout is not complicated at all. This simple example will let you understand how it works.

Suppose you and your opponent are playing Heads and Tails throwing a regular coin — you bet $ 10 in each round, and your opponent chooses $11. We know that the probability of winning when tossing a coin is 50%, and if you win, you will get 11 dollars. Multiply these two numbers and get 5.5 dollars. We also know that in the remaining 50% of cases you will lose, losing $ 10 each time. Multiply 10 by 0.5 – and get 5 dollars. Subtract the second value obtained from the first one and get the expected profit: 5.5 – 5 = 0.5.

Thus, the expected profit in each round of the game will be $ 0.5. Exactly the same order of calculations can be used in any game of chance. The rules of Roulette payout are almost the same.

Examples of payouts in Roulette

If you pick European Roulette, almost all bets have the same casino advantage — 2.7%. Suppose you bet on a single number. If the bet wins, the payout will be 35 to 1.

However, you can win only in 1 out of 37 cases (since there are 36 sectors + Zero). Thus, the probability of winning in one round is 1/37, or 2.7%. And the probability of losing is 36/37, or 97.3%.

Now, knowing all the necessary indicators, you can calculate the indicator of the expected odds and Roulette payout. Besides, you can use Roulette payout calculator. This program processes the known systems and gives you the results: the expected payouts and odds to win.

Inside bets and payouts

Inside bets (on a specific number) are more popular than outside ones — it is quite easy to foresee the Roulette payout here. Many players have their own “secret” numbers. Let it be 17. If you put € 100 on it, if any number other than 17 comes up, you will lose all your money.

However, if the ball falls on 17, you will get € 3500. This rate is called single or direct. You can bet not on 1, but on 2 numbers, then, the payout ratio will be 17: 1. You can also bet on 3 or 4 numbers with payout ratio 11: 1 and 8: 1. When choosing two lines with 6 numbers — Double-street, or Sixline, the Payout ratio will be 5 to 1.

Outside bets payouts

The probability of winning here is up to 50%, depending on the specific combination. There are several variants of betting combinations: one of the “three dozen” (0-12, 13-34, 25-36), and columns for example. The chance of winning one of the 12 numbers is 1: 3, and the payout is 1: 2.

For example, you bet € 20 for one dozen from 0 to 12. In case of loss of any sector in this segment (0, 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, and so on), the gain will be 40 €. The simpler options are bets on color, even or odd numbers, 0-18 or 19-36 numbers. For example, you bet 50 €, in case of success, your winnings will be € 100.


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