There are two widely-known categories of progressive gambling betting systems: positive and negative. Positive betting systems, in order to maximize profits, require increasing bets in certain sizes. On the contrary, negative systems, with losses, also insist on increasing the bet in order to “recover” after the fail. The Fibonacci betting system, which is in the same category as the Martingale strategy, works as a negative mathematic progression, but it is surely used in gambling. Using Fibonacci Blackjack strategy Fibonacci Blackjack strategy counting is similar to math strategy: each number in it is the sum of the numbers that go before it. For instance, this is the shortest and the simplest example of it: 0, 5, 5, 10, 15 (here, 5 is 0+5, where 10 is 5+5, and 15 is 10 plus 5). The bets when using the Fibonacci betting system are systematized according to two principles of the formation of…


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