Most of the players, who are already familiar with the rules of Poker, have an idea of you can fold cards. However, the situation when you do not know which cards and when you should flop appear — these are conflict hands in Video Poker, mostly in Hold’em. Here, you will get some prompts when you must fold even when you have a strong Hand. However, before that you should refresh the terms that are used in Poker when the fold or pass situation comes. Do not be greedy in the situation of conflict hands in Video Poker When you have conflict hands in Video Poker (for instance, Aces or even a Joker) and feel that you should fold, better do it. Do not be greedy. If you think your opponent’s Hand is stronger (in Video Poker, you play with a computer, surely), then this is probably true. It does…

If any words during the study of this material seem incomprehensible to you, we recommend that you refer to the dictionary section of poker in the course of studying the material, where you can find detailed interpretations of the absolute majority of poker terms. First, you need to find out what poker means by the term “small ace” in poker. The concept of “small ace” can be defined as a pair of cards, one of which is an ace, and the denomination (rank) of the other is below ten. Thus, different hands with aces can play the role of small aces. One can argue about what the range of small aces really is. Someone thinks that small aces in poker need to be counted from to, but for beginner poker players it will be better to define small aces as hands from the range {A2-A9}. Novice poker players usually overestimate…

Those gamblers that often play Video Poker in online casinos will never lose their chance to use Deuces and Joker strategy when they pick this slot. When you manage to do it, the chances of winning will be quite high. Namely, here, there are 5 Wilds that can replace other cards. All this will allow beginners to learn the game of Poker and not lose, and professionals can become owners of large rewards. Learn more about the game before using Deuces and Joker strategy In this Microgaming slot, you should use Deuces and Joker strategy that will be described below, to win more. However, later, you will understand that it is risky a bit. This slot is not quite similar to the usual Poker, and it makes the game very exciting and interesting. This game can become the best start for the for novice players, as it allows you to…


Video Poker


With the advent of online casinos, you no longer need to spend time waiting for your turn in the hall of real gambling establishments. Poker lovers can choose the Live Dealer section.

However, there is a great alternative, which is a video poker at online casinos. This game may become as simple as regular slot machines, but there is something more about it that you have to find out.

Basic rules of the game

Visually, video poker is like an ordinary slot machine. Running the game, you will see:

  • Table with winning combinations and corresponding payouts.
  • Reels with playing cards.
  • Control panel.

You can set the stake by clicking on the “Bet One” button. The indicators “Credit”, “Bet” and “Win” display the amount on the game account, the current size of the stake and the amount of money won, respectively.

To deal with cards, use the “Deal” button. If you want to hold the card, use the “Hold” button. You will receive a certain amount of winnings by landing a combination on the reels, which corresponds to the combination indicated at the top of the game window. The standard combinations of five-card poker with the exchange are used in video poker.

How to play video poker classic casino and win more often

Check out the following guidelines, especially if you are a newbie:

  • Choose a reliable video poker casino.
  • Try demo mode before betting on real money.
  • If you have good playing skills, choose the joker version. The biggest win in history was obtained by plying this version of the game.
  • Use the strategy for the appropriate version of casino video poker. Never play without a strategy.
  • Place maximum bets if the progressive jackpot is your goal.
  • Determine the amount of bankroll for the game session. Never borrow for bets.

Versions of video poker at online casinos

There are many versions of video poker that differ from each other by the following criteria:

  • The number of paylines (from 1 to 100). The player can fix cards on any lines.
  • The presence of progressive jackpots. Some versions of video poker give you the opportunity to win a huge jackpot, the amount of which is based on contributions from the rates.
  • Paytables and used multipliers.

Beginners should choose the classic version of the game, which is Jacks or Better. It uses a deck of 52 cards. All hands of this game are based on classic poker combinations. Deuces Wild is a rather interesting variation of classic poker. As the name implies, deuces play the role of jokers and are able to replace any cards.

Joker Poker is another popular version of video poker at online casinos. A deck of 53 cards is used here. Joker is an additional card that can replace any other cards. The number of game combinations has increased significantly due to the presence of the joker. Payouts start with a pair of Kings in this game.