If any words during the study of this material seem incomprehensible to you, we recommend that you refer to the dictionary section of poker in the course of studying the material, where you can find detailed interpretations of the absolute majority of poker terms.

First, you need to find out what poker means by the term “small ace” in poker. The concept of “small ace” can be defined as a pair of cards, one of which is an ace, and the denomination (rank) of the other is below ten. Thus, different hands with aces can play the role of small aces.

One can argue about what the range of small aces really is. Someone thinks that small aces in poker need to be counted from to, but for beginner poker players it will be better to define small aces as hands from the range {A2-A9}.

Novice poker players usually overestimate the power of weak aces. It seems to them strong because it contains an ace. And this often causes problems. If you are going to play small aces, then your goal may be a top pair on the flop, formed by your kicker and board card. Only in this case can you get the best hand and win some chips.

If you get a pair to your ace on the flop, the action from any opponent will most likely mean that he/she has a pair of aces with a better kicker than you, or he/she will have a stronger combination. In both cases, your hand will be beaten and you better give up immediately. This is especially true when this opponent raises preflop.

Of course, there is a low probability that the opponent will have a pair of aces on their hands with the worst kicker, but it will not happen that often. So remember: it is better to get rid of a weak ace and lose a few chips than to lose the whole stack and complain about the poker’s tightness.

“Aces and Faces” strategy on how to win

As with all other machines of this kind, in Aces and Faces, a table with winning combinations is located at the top of the screen. User cards are placed in the center. Below them are two buttons. The first is called “BET” and it displays the current bid. The second “WIN” shows how much you managed to win in the previous round. Below are five buttons “HOLD”. They fix those cards that the player chooses. Nearby there are some more control buttons.

When the size of the stake is determined, the player starts the distribution by pressing the “DEAL” button. It is noteworthy that this action will not be necessary if the “BET MAX” function was selected. In such cases, the cards will be dealt immediately.

When a player has five cards in their hands, they will need to decide which ones to fold and which ones to leave in order to make the most poker combination possible for the next hand.

Cards are fixed with the “HOLD” button. The player does this manually, but if after the first distribution the prize combination or its fragment has already been formed, the program itself will mark such cards with the inscription “HOLD”. But this does not mean that the player must necessarily agree with the opinion of the computer. They can also discard these cards by removing the fixation with the same “HOLD” button.

It is about those who are not satisfied with a tit in their hands, and believes that they will get a crane, that is, a stronger combination.

After all the necessary cards are marked, press the “DEAL” button again. The cards not marked “HOLD” will be discarded and replaced with new ones. After this, it will be possible to determine whether the player has won something or not. To see this and how much money a player relies can be immediately checked in the paytable and the “WIN” field.

For a successful game in the presented game slot, you have the opportunity to use effective Aces and Faces strategy, which will help to increase the chances of winning.


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