Bonus Poker Deluxe is a profitable slot from Playtech. This game is based on the principle of standard poker, but it has its own characteristics.

In this game, the combination called Caret is paid fairly high. When you use special card applying Bonus Poker deluxe strategy, the size of this payout is sufficient. Only Royal Flash can give you more. This video slot offers you to earn not only thanks to luck but also to connect your mental abilities.

Learn more about the slot to use Bonus Poker strategy

Using Video Poker Bonus Poker strategy, every player can earn good money, thanks to only 52 cards. They are shuffled before each Hand and do not have jokers, while the game has several modified payouts. However, all the combinations of cards are inherent in standard game combinations in Poker.

Bonus Poker strategy is used in a Poker game with a 5 card draw. Here, you play with a slot. You get 5 cards which you see on the monitor. Using your mouse and Hold button leave the cards you want to leave, the rest ones will not be taking part in the game.

The prizes you can win

Royal Flash gives the maximum winning. This is a combination of 5 cards, which are arranged in order — from 10 to Ace, and the cards must have the same suit. For this combination, you can get a payment, which will be your bet multiplied by 1000 times. But this amount is not the limit, as you can earn even more. When playing for the maximum bet, Royal Flush will give you a win, which will be equal to 4000 bets. Agree, if you bet 25 dollars, then winning 100 000 dollars would be a great gift!

The second prize is awarded by the Caret combination, that is, four identical cards will bring 80, 160, 240, 320 or 400 bets. This is somewhat unaccustomed to a player, as always the combination of Street Flush has the amount of payment, which takes second place in the table. By the way, it gives Bonus Poker Deluxe 250 video bets at the maximum bet.

Other payouts in this slot game

The minimum payout for a gambler who uses Bonus Poker strategy is given for two Jacks and the other two double cards. A player can get a win from one to 5 bets; it all depends on the number of coins that you bet. Also, there are other combinations of cards that bring significant winnings:

  • Full House. It gives from 8 to 40 bets. This combination of cards must consist of three identical cards of the highest row and two other identical cards.
  • Flash. When you apply Bonus Poker strategy and get this a combination, which is represented by five cards of the same suit, it can be paid fairly high: from 6 to 30 bets.
  • Straight. Earn from 4 to 20 bets if you collected five cards that go in order (their suit does not matter).

For three identical cards, you can get a prize, which multiplies the bet from 3 to 15 times. But for two pairs of cards compensation is slightly lower and is equal to 1-5 rates.

Double Bonus Video Poker

If you play another slot, Double Double Bonus Poker from Microgaming, the payouts will be a bit different. Use 9/6 double Bonus Video Poker strategy to increase them.

To do it, check the table with the payoffs and play the variant that gives you the highest one. When you use this strategy, the return can increase to 98.9%.

The table of Double Double Bonus Poker

  • Royal Flush — 800;
  • Straight Flush — 50;
  • Four Aces —160;
  • Four 2s, 3s, 4s — 80;
  • Full House — 9;
  • Flush — 6;
  • Straight — 4;
  • 3 of a Kind — 3;
  • 2 Pair — 1;
  • Jacks or Better— 1

As you can see, Bonus Poker games payouts are quite high, so you can leave the casino with a large reward.


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