Most of the players, who are already familiar with the rules of Poker, have an idea of you can fold cards. However, the situation when you do not know which cards and when you should flop appear — these are conflict hands in Video Poker, mostly in Hold’em.

Here, you will get some prompts when you must fold even when you have a strong Hand. However, before that you should refresh the terms that are used in Poker when the fold or pass situation comes.

Do not be greedy in the situation of conflict hands in Video Poker

When you have conflict hands in Video Poker (for instance, Aces or even a Joker) and feel that you should fold, better do it. Do not be greedy. If you think your opponent’s Hand is stronger (in Video Poker, you play with a computer, surely), then this is probably true.

It does not matter how strong your Hand looks, there are situations when the best solution is to get out of the hand and wait for a better situation to put your chips in the pot.

Terms you must know

First, remember the terms that are often used in Poker situations, when you take a decision whether to flop (discard) or not.

  • Preflop. This is such a phase when 2 certain players place their bet blindly, and each of the players receives 2 personal cards for the closed one; The 1st round of the game is called Preflop;
  • Flop. This is a phase that follows Preflop. Its essence is that the first 3 (out of 5) community cards are laid out on the table — they are called the Flop;
  • Turn. This is the distribution of the 4th common card;
  • River. This is the final distribution of the last, fifth community card as well as the beginning of the last and final round of trading. When you have this conflict hands in Video Poker situation, do not fold.

Preflop and Flop in Poker

Roughly speaking, you must decide to play or not to play at this particular moment. The further moment, when you have conflict hands in Video Poker during the Flop, it is not so bad, because here, as a rule, you have to either place or take small bets.

The decision of whether to continue the game or to fold is largely taken on the basis of the bank.

The Turn in Video Poker

The second point, where it is necessary to consider further action is the Turn. If you bet on the Turn, you must bet on the River, because it will be an error to fold, expecting to get the winning combination.

Two bets on the River and Turn are considered large, which equals four small bets. If you raise the bet on Preflop and bet on the Flop, then you place three small bets to view the Turn. Folding the cards on the Turn, you lose a little less than half of the amount that you had the risk of losing if you hold all the cards until the final.

The River in Poker

The River is the worst possible time to fold. The only exception is when it is definitely clear that the opponent has a winning combination, although he/she may be bluffing. When the bank is not large, it is better to fold.

You should take the decisions when you have conflict hands in Video Poker like Bonus Poker slot basing on the combinations.

For example, it is not necessary to hope for a pair of 2s, 3s. If you feel that the players are starting to raise bets as they really have good cards, it would be more logical to fold. Big hands, big draws are all possible reasons for your failure.

Poker is a very competitive game. Every player wants to be successful and leave the table as a winner. When the bank is large, it may be difficult to fold. Nevertheless, the size of the bank is not important when your Hand cannot win it.


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