Those gamblers that often play Video Poker in online casinos will never lose their chance to use Deuces and Joker strategy when they pick this slot. When you manage to do it, the chances of winning will be quite high.

Namely, here, there are 5 Wilds that can replace other cards. All this will allow beginners to learn the game of Poker and not lose, and professionals can become owners of large rewards.

Learn more about the game before using Deuces and Joker strategy

In this Microgaming slot, you should use Deuces and Joker strategy that will be described below, to win more. However, later, you will understand that it is risky a bit. This slot is not quite similar to the usual Poker, and it makes the game very exciting and interesting. This game can become the best start for the for novice players, as it allows you to learn the rules of Poker and reduce losses.

There are several Wilds here that will replace any card, which will increase the chances of winning. One of these cards is the Joker, as well as all four Deuces. You will definitely get big payouts in the game when these cards appear on the screen and you get their combination.

Other meaningful combinations

Before you start reading about Deuces and Joker strategy that is the Poker strategy that works only with slots (not in offline casinos), remember the combinations that can also bring you money.

Many of them are familiar to Poker players, but the payment for them is somewhat different.

Payments for certain combinations

    • Royal Flush. It brings the best profit but it must not contain Wilds. With a maximum bet, you can get a payout of 10,000 coins here, and when you play for a smaller bet, the payouts range is 250 – 4,000 coins.
    • For 4 “2”s, Deuces, the player receives compensation from 25 to 125 coins.
    • Royal Flush with Wild cards brings from 12 to 60 bets. Players, that are going to use Bonus Deuces and Joker strategy, get these combinations before the additional game often.
    • For 5 cards of the same rank, you can get a win up to 45 bets.
    • Street Flush offers to earn a bet multiplied from 6 to 30 times.
    • Full House, Flush and Caret give 15 coins.
    • Straight gives 2-10 coins. However, 3 cards of the same rank will give a win of 5 coins.


Risk Game

Microgaming’s Deuces & Joker has a special option for increasing payouts that is, a risk game. It is possible not only to double your winnings but also to try to increase it four or even more times. To do this, press the button Double after a successful game, here you will enter the game with the dealer. Your main task is to beat him/her in this Joker Poker game — this is your main Deuces and Joker strategy.

There will be five cards on the screen — the first belongs to the dealer, and the rest must be chosen. It is necessary to choose only one, and it must be of larger nominal. Only in this case, you will get a double payout. If you win, you can risk further, the number of approaches is unlimited. If you fail, you will lose all the money you earned in the game.

The high profitability of this Poker allows you to enjoy the game, and here not only professionals break the bank, but beginners can start their own way of learning Poker. As you can see, the payments are quite high, while the presence of Wild cards significantly increases the number of winnings. Before starting the game, learn all the combinations of cards, and only then proceed to play.


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