If you heard sometimes about Double Bonus Poker strategy, you should know that in most cases, you are going to draw 4 Aces plus one 5th card which can be “3”, “2”, or “4”. If you manage to do it, a great Jackpot will be yours.

Actually, several popular gaming software developers offer the slots with the name Double Bonus Poker — these are BetSoft and Microgaming (with 2 variants). It is promised that with the correctly used Video Poker Double Bonus strategy, the gambler can double and even triple their awards.

Using Double Bonus Poker strategy in various games

Using Double Bonus Poker strategy playing Triple Double Poker, you also need to get 4 Aces plus an additional card. If you get this draw, you receive a special Bonus. When you play BetSoft slot with the same name, here 1 Hand is involved in the game process. The largest payout here is 4 thousand bets. Considering that the biggest bet is 15 coins, the maximum prize that this game promises is 60 thousand.

Nevertheless, Risk game can enlarge this award. If you are ready to risk to double your win or you would restrain doing it as you can lose all you have.

Super Double Poker

Double Bonus Poker strategy in Super Double Poker is the goal to reduce the amount of the Hands (“lower paying”) to give a gambler a chance of getting 4 thousand Bonuses.

Here, the gambler will be given 1600 for the combination of 4 Aces plus a “picture”. However, the bet must be maximal. Another prize here is 8 hundred coins for 4 similar pictures (i.e., 4 Queens, for example) plus another picture.

Double Double Bonus Poker by Microgaming

The process of playing here, even if you are going to use a Double Bonus Poker strategy to get the biggest payout, is very simple and straightforward, since the developers have created a very friendly interface.

At the bottom of the screen of this slot, there are all the buttons you need to use. There is a fairly large selection of bets, so you can bet from 25 cents to 25 dollars.

And if you look at the paytable, you can see that the winnings here are simply incredible.

With the help of the “BET MAX” button, you can immediately place the highest bet and compete for the highest winning game of 4000 coins.

Other strategies similar to Double Bonus Poker

If you play other Poker game, for instance, Jacks or Better, you can follow these strategies with “higher” combinations:

  • With Royal Flush, Straight Flush, you need to leave all cards unchanged.
  • Getting Four of Kind, we save four cards of equal value. The remaining fifth card must be exchanged.
  • Full House. Here, you save all the cards.
  • If you received 4 cards on Royal Flush – in this case, you need to leave the combination and replace the remaining card.
  • If the player received 4 cards on Straight Flush, like in Double Bonus Poker strategy, the cards are saved; the remaining is subject to exchange, even if this requires breaking a pair.
  • Flush combination. Here, you must save cards, change nothing.

The other combinations of strategies

  • Straight. Getting it, also save all the cards, no changes are required.
  • Three of Kind. These cards must be left, the remaining two will need to be exchanged.
  • Two Pairs. Everything is exactly the same here. Save the cards and change the rest.

In case you have KQJ or QJT suited, then these cards need to be saved. You may still be able to collect Royal Flush.

Many gamblers believe that following certain rules, including 9/6 Double Bonus Video Poker strategy, they have more chances to win. Sometimes it works, sometimes — not. You need to decide it to yourself if it can be helpful personally in your case.


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